Some wisdom from our Webmaster, Pete, on web page design.

The first and probably only rule you need remember in creating a personal web page is,
"Do NOT include pictures of your pets."
Unless, of course,

They are CATS!

Unlike my predecessor, Duchess, I'm only on chapter 2 of the HTML book, so don't expect any wiz bang stuff on this web site. To me Java is an island in Indonesia.

The Webmaster's Oath of Quality

I, Pete, guarantee that this site is free of all political correctness (but spelling mistakes and poor grammar is something else).
For all you PC types out there, the word is sex, not gender, and the correct pronoun when the sex of the person is unspecified or when used in a generic sense is he, not he or she or s/he (how in the heck do you pronounce that last one?)

P.S. In case it hasn't sunk in, I'm a cat, so don't expect any timely updates to this site. Actually, you will be lucky to see any updates at all.

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