Arrrgh! The pirate ship under construction. Well, actually it's finished.

All these sea dogs and sea damsel need is a sturdy deck under their feet, and we're just the one to give it to them.

It's a two-masted brigantine...(hmmm, that was redundant as all brigantines were two-masted)...loaded with 18 (count them, 18!) guns...not counting swivel guns!
A ship any buccaneer, privateer, or pirate would be glad to keel a haul on!

From this...the gun deck, gunwales, quarterdeck bulkheads, etc., along with blueprints, before assembly.

To this....The Black Falcon, the terror of the seas. Arrggghhh!

The capstan inside the forecastle. It's the thingie used to raise the anchor... in case you were wondering.

Speaking of of two. You need a second if you have to slip the first.

The bow, less figurehead. Go figure.

The forecastle (for some reason that's pronounced 'folk-sell') with the ship's, bell.

The main deck where Blackbeard and Errol Flynn would feel at home.

The port (that's the left side) with a good view of the completed lower set of shrouds and ratlines, less the rats.

A nice shot of some of the villainous crew. No pirate crew is complete without a bloodthirsty sponge, or one of those pink guys--whatever it is--for that matter.
"Good luck with that!"

Prototype sails added for design verification--that's engineerese for cheap paper sails to see how the real sails will look.

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